Phoenix Sky Harbor: Arizona's Most Economically Valuable Asset

In 2019, your local, neighborhood airport welcomed nearly 46.3 million travelers. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has a legacy of proven service and industry success. Sky Harbor is Arizona's connection to the world.

It is Arizona’s most economically valuable asset.

Located in the heart of Phoenix, Sky Harbor is also one of the most easily accessible major airports in the country and an essential part of the fabric of our community.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport:

  • Generates an annual economic impact of $38 Billion
  • Serves an average of 125,000 passengers per day
  • Provides employment to approximately 57,000 Arizonans


Over the coming weeks, our community leaders in Tempe will be asked to balance the interests of our airport with a proposal to build a new home for our state’s professional hockey team.

That planned development – the Tempe Entertainment District – is approximately 9,000 feet off the two shorter south runways which are among the busiest runways in Arizona.

We should not take our most valuable regional economic asset for granted and compromise its ability to serve us today and grow in the future in exchange for a new home for a hockey club.

In the past, cooperation has characterized the relationship with Sky Harbor’s closest neighbor – Tempe. We hope that continues to be the defining characteristic as new opportunities are considered now and in the future.